About New Horizon Strategies

New Horizon Strategies guides leaders who are facing a change by themselves – and feeling stuck. We help them reflect, resonate, resolve, and refocus so they get bigger breakthroughs faster. Through our executive coaching, facilitation, and consulting, leaders move from transition to transformation.

Our Core Values


We maintain and exemplify the highest level of self-awareness in all interactions.


We encourage all parties to accept responsibility of action and the associated contribution of those actions to the whole.


We support truth and the perseverance of truth at all times in professional and personal relationships.


We perpetually assess best practices to sustain superb quality while ensuring positive impact on society and the environment.


We remain a constant learner to maximize the joy of adventure and embodiment of these critical values.

Our Core Values


We maintain and exemplify the highest level of self-awareness in all interactions.


We encourage all parties to accept responsibility of action and the associated contribution of those actions to the whole.


We support truth and the perseverance of truth at all times in professional and personal relationships.


We perpetually assess best practices to sustain superb quality while ensuring positive impact on society and the environment.


We remain a constant learner to maximize the joy of adventure and embodiment of these critical values.

Our Why


In 2011, I founded New Horizon Strategies, LLC to inspire sustainable change in the professional world.

That sustainable part is important.

Because in my former career as a program manager and engineer at NASA, I spent many years trying to make lots of changes stick for different teams in different agencies and departments.

Sometimes a change stuck. But more often it didn’t – or at least not in large enough doses to make a big enough difference to the people and to the organization.

I was disillusioned: Things could be so much better!

What was wrong?

After many years of struggle and many more years of training, I learned this:

The best technical and process-only plans, changes and improvements won’t last if people don’t get what they need.

That’s why today, our work considers both sides of the equation: tasks, tools and systems, as well as people, relationships and cultures.

Think about it: When people don’t get what they need – like security, belonging or respect – they can feel worried, fearful, disconnected, devalued, incapable, unworthy and unhappy.

And then what happens?

You already know.

People disengage. Teams fight. Projects fail. Organizations shrink.

The change you dreamed of … planned for … and worked toward is not sustainable.

At New Horizon Strategies, we’re out to change all that.

Because once people have what they need, they’re able to release their full potential fully and freely.

That’s where courage, innovation and creativity happen – and where we can have the biggest impact on the world around us.

Ask yourself this: Are we maximizing the potential in ourselves? In our teams? In our leaders – and ultimately – in our enterprise?

If your answer is “I’m not sure” or “No” or “Heck, no!” – then please contact me.

Let’s work together.

And begin to inspire real, sustainable change in your professional world.

Laurie Hall

Founder and CEO, New Horizon Strategies LLC
Professional Certified Coach, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Our Team

Our New Horizon Strategies Champions create the coaching, facilitation, and consulting bench to support all your needs.

Angie Wright

Professional Coach & Facilitator

Angie Wright is passionate about helping people work together via coaching, consulting and facilitation. She is experienced working in global, larger organizations in roles related to human performance and management, including talent acquisition across all levels of leadership, mergers & acquisitions across international boundaries, enterprise management, software integration for HR, training and leadership development. Angie knows successful organizations not only need to be profitable, the people driving that organization need to feel valued, heard, and integrated into the solutions.
Angie is driven by seeing positive results for clients. She enjoys facilitating workshops to maximize awareness, alignment, and action. She encourages each person to engage and participate to the best of their abilities. An experienced, neutral facilitator allows for collaboration and support within the team, which is key to meeting goals and business success.
She brings over 15 years of professional, global business experience, and has worked in the manufacturing and technology industries. She currently holds a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification. She also facilitates Insights Discovery Assessments and supports multiple psychological evaluations.
As a coach, Angie excels in gaining her clients’ trust and working together to identify the root of challenges they face and opportunities to overcome them. She is currently in the process of earning her Professional Coach Certification (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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Dr. Ellen Zimmerman

Professional Certified Coach, Executive & Leadership Development

Ellen Zimmerman is an energetic presenter, trainer, coach and curriculum developer who creates high-impact learning activities. She believes people are powerful when they focus on their strengths and set goals, and that is why she works to enhance leaders at all levels.

Besides coaching for development, Ellen specializes in delivering training and development curricula with real-world discussions and activities. She knows it takes courage and confidence to address the challenges of today’s workforce, and the only way to maintain those skills is to embrace new learnings every day.

A frequent keynoter and trainer for organizations and nonprofits, Ellen applies programs such as Dare to Lead™, Fierce Conversations, DiSC, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and her own team-focused content. She knows that developing courageous leadership, and the confidence to lead teams through collaboration and clear communications, are crucial for success.

Ellen has enjoyed careers in business, education and healthcare, where she trained and coached existing and new leaders. She currently teaches College of Business graduate and undergraduate courses at Lamar University in Texas, where she is working on a coaching program for students.

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Dr. Jerry Fu

Associate Certified Coach & Talent Optimization Specialist

Jerry Fu - a certified coach and pharmacist - specializes in conflict resolution coaching, culture design, and leadership development. He loves equipping new leaders, especially Asian professionals in their mid-20s to early 30s.

Jerry provides individual coaching, group coaching, and workshop facilitation. He has coached clients in legal, healthcare, and financial industries. He is involved in both the Asian Chamber of Commerce and the Organization of Chinese Americans Greater Houston chapter.

Prior to becoming a coach, Jerry worked as a pharmacy manager for several companies. His responsibilities included maintaining compliance, building a healthy work culture, optimizing workflow, maintaining relationships with other healthcare professionals, and collaborating with marketers.

His clients experience clarity in next steps, confidence to do them, and closure to move on to the next task with whatever challenges they face.

When he’s not coaching, Jerry enjoys podcasting and salsa dancing.

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Joni Goodman

Leadership Development Facilitator

Joni D. Goodman is a top Certified Professional in Talent Development who taps into her clients’ potential. She collaborates with every client – employees, sales professionals, leaders and executives – and together they boost learning initiatives, sales and leadership, and achieve strategic goals.

Over the past 20 years, Joni has delivered professional development programs such as Miller Heiman Group’s conceptual and strategic selling, DiSC/PIAV behavioral styles instruction and situational leadership.

Joni is trained in Dr. Brené Brown Dare to Lead™ program. She is also a published author in “The Book of Road-Tested Activities,” “Association for Talent Development’s Trainer’s Toolkit Application,” and “101 Ways to Make Training Active.”

Joni is a captivating speaker and an engaging, approachable facilitator. She creates appealing learning opportunities and holds herself to a gold standard in performance consulting and in the planning and production of sales meetings/events. Her experience includes effective management development, sales training, and mentoring.

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Kelly Baughman

Leadership & Cultural Transformation Facilitator & Consultant

Kelly is a Leadership and Cultural Transformation Facilitator & Consultant who focuses on helping leaders achieve their fullest potential and push beyond fear and discomfort. She knows that success is always uphill and that it takes a careful, deliberate and consistent approach. So, knowing that transformational change is complex, she uses integrated approaches with her clients rooted in the principles of leadership growth, values-based behaviors in action, and forging authentic connections.

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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Laurie Hall

Founder, New Horizon Strategies LLC
Professional Certified Coach, Keynote Speaker, & Executive Facilitator

Laurie Hall – a certified coach, certified facilitator, and seasoned speaker – founded New Horizon Strategies LLC in 2011 to inspire sustainable change in the professional world. She provides transformation to leaders through coaching, facilitation, consulting, and speaking. She is a frequent keynote and breakout session speaker on technical and motivational topics to inspire personal and professional growth.

Laurie brings a unique perspective to coaching and facilitation since she spent the first part of her career in project- and system-level engineering and management, facilitation, and organizational development to support human life in space and operational excellence on the ground. Her work effected change at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Lockheed Martin, Jacobs Sverdrup, and Schlumberger-Dowell.

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Megan Billnoske

Certified Facilitator & Training Manager/Director, Leadership Development

Megan Billnoske is an energetic, fun-spirited and highly strategic leadership professional who specializes in working with students, leaders and teams. She is certified twice in DiSC, is a 2024 Houston Business Journal 40 Under 40 Award nominee, a two-time Association for Talent Development (ATD) Houston conference chair and the 2023 National Speakers Association Member of the Year.

During her career, she has trained more than 14,000 leaders around the world, designed and launched many new training programs, led international teams to on-time (or early!) deliveries, and facilitated powerful discussions among all levels of the organization. She works with leaders and students who are ready to have fun strengthening their skills, amplifying team performance and achieving legendary results. Megan has worked in over 12 industries and has been trained by some of the best leadership companies – Disney Institute, Franklin Covey, Brené Brown and DDI. Her specialty is creative problem solving for leaders, teams and students through training, coaching and speaking.

Megan stepped into the consulting world after 12 years of working internally at some of the best companies in Houston, Texas (over 12 different industries including oil and gas, energy, healthcare, production, manufacturing, construction, engineering, retail, technology, HR, higher education, entertainment). She’s always worked to develop talent and support strategic initiatives within varying company sizes, ranging from 800 employees to 150,000 employees.

Known for her ambition and conceptualization, Megan quickly moved up the corporate ladder with increasing leadership roles from Corporate Trainer, Training Manager, Program Manager and Global Talent Manager. She believes that the world is shaped by leaders, as her life and career have been. So, she is passionate about building them up with incredible skills and heart, so they can be more effective at caring for people, while also getting business done. You can do both.

To continue her passion for helping our next generation of leaders, she’s active in the HR Houston organization on the University Liaison Committee, speaking at colleges to help students transition into their professional career. Since 2019, Megan has worked with University of Houston, as a mentor and speaker for their HR/Development undergrads.

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Michael Conteh

Professional Certified Coach, Six Sigma Black Belt, & Behavior Analyst

Michael is an accomplished International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach, Six Sigma Black Belt Facilitator and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. He has a comprehensive management background from years of working in the C-suite of his own businesses and various industries to support training and education for patients with Autism.

His proven leadership abilities culminate in driving daily organizational operations, providing management training, and supporting clients with wellness coaching. Michael has exceptional communication skills and expertise in delivering business consulting to companies on enhancing on-boarding, retention rate, and staff motivation through the Organized Behavior Management (OBM) model.

During his career, Michael has collaborated with HR leaders for on-boarding and staff reinforcement programs and developing training curriculum for companies of all types all while bringing passion and creative energy. He was previously a full time entrepreneur for 13 years growing a company to 3 large facilities serving 1,000+ children and employees. Michael has also spoken to the police academy about special needs de-escalation techniques and started a nonprofit to help parents who have children with special needs. Michael has a special desire and extensive experience supporting children and young adults with Autism.

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Patricia Porter

LCSW & Professional Certified Coach, Executive & Leadership Development

Patricia “Pattie” Porter is a certified coach, Certified Virtual Facilitator™, credentialed workplace mediator, seasoned leadership team development facilitator and professional speaker.

Since the mid-1990s, Pattie’s study and practice as a conflict management and resolution consultant, mediator and team facilitator has helped to reduce the anxiety and organizational distress many leaders and teams experience as a result of destructive conflict engagement and ineffective change-transition management.

Today, Pattie provides executive coaching plus specialized conflict management and abrasive behavior coaching for individuals and teams wishing to change their caustic environments. She has coached clients with federal government agencies, universities, research institutions and municipal services in the U.S., as well as a private firm in the Mediterranean. She also facilitates programs to help companies, universities, and federal and state agencies change the status quo.

Pattie is a mentor to coaches, facilitators and mediators for the Navy, Transportation Security Administration and Department of the Interior. She is also an adjunct faculty member for the graduate program in dispute resolution at Southern Methodist University in Texas, teaching conflict coaching and group facilitation since 2013.

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Rich McLaughlin

Senior Facilitator, Leadership Development Consultant

Rich McLaughlin – a certified facilitator and a seasoned speaker has been designing and facilitating leadership and interpersonal skills workshops, team-building sessions, and innovation and employee engagement processes for over 30 years.

Having spent time working inside companies such as Arthur Andersen, Square D Company, Baxter Healthcare and Girl Scouts USA, Rich brings broad industry knowledge to his work. He also brings an experiential approach in his work with client teams. His client’s value the engaging way he works with their people whether facilitating a leadership workshop, working with a specific team, or challenging employees to be more accountable for the whole.

Rich spent time learning about instructional design and change management at Accenture, helped Square D Company develop and implement their TQM programs and processes and developed the leadership curriculum and internal consulting practice at Baxter Healthcare during his time as an internal OD practitioner. The last 8 years of his practice he has been following the intersection of Improv, Innovation and Design Thinking.

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Sharon Nasr

Administrative Support, Virtual Producer, Client Relations Manager, & Program Manager

Sharon Nasr is an experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the professional services industry and retail industry. As a 25-year veteran in the Retail Management field, Sharon brings a different perspective to the team. Sharon has provided real time coaching and training in the field for customer service representatives, salespeople, managers, and executives. Breaking out on her own, Sharon has excelled in supporting others in a variety of roles, including administration, client relations, instructional design, marketing, program coordination, event coordination, analytics, and virtual producing. She also uses her skills to provide intermittent coaching, design, and training. Sharon is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration from The American College in London.
Dr. Stanley Ward

Associate Certified Coach, Leadership Coach, Author, & Educator

Dr. Stanley J. Ward wants to see leaders reduce unnecessary conflict, avoid burnout, and create sustainable positive change - both at work and home. He enjoys working with young and mid-career leaders to realize and apply the truth of Marshall Goldsmith’s famous observation: “What got you here won’t get you there.”

To do that, he works with leaders to define essential success metrics while also developing the relationships and thinking habits needed for their transition into greater leadership effectiveness.

His coaching program excels at helping leaders in transition as they adjust to new responsibilities, new contexts, and new challenges, so they can succeed both at work and home.

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Our Clients

New Horizon Strategies serves individuals, teams, and leaders just like you.

  • Board members
  • Business owners
  • Coaches
  • C-suite leaders
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Engineers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Government leaders
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Inventors
  • IT professionals
  • Lawyers
  • Leaders and emerging leaders
  • Psychologists
  • Scientists and researchers
  • Social workers
  • Therapists
  • and many more!

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