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New Horizon Strategies President and CEO Laurie Hall is a seasoned speaker who has delivered engaging, memorable presentations at events hosted by companies, government agencies, professional associations, and universities in the United States and around the world.

Popular Topics

inspiring personal and professional growth
  • Change Leadership, Resilience and Transitions

    Title: “Making Perfect People Better”

    Description: In a culture that prefers certainty and predictability, some nagging consistencies get in the way. First: There are pros and cons in all we do. Second: Things will always change. And third: Life is short.
    Learn an array of transition models to help navigate the seemingly endless changes we face. This motivational and timely presentation will help you assess where you are and increase your professional resilience moving forward.

  • Change Management and Culture Change

    Title: “Transformational Change Leadership”

    Description: Calling all leaders of change efforts: Have you experienced transformational change? The kind of change that propels you to a whole new level of growth, satisfaction and return on energy invested for our teams and organizations?
    This workshop will move participants through the distinguishing concepts of leadership alignment. Come prepared to explore what it takes. Then discover what’s holding you back from achieving transformational change in your teams. Are you ready?

  • Communication

    Title: “Are We Employers or Are We Parents?”

    Description: Have you ever felt like your employees expected you to be more of a parent than an employer? Using Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis theory, we’ll investigate the parallels between the Parent-Child-Adult model and the insidious roles we can fall into as both employers and employees. Through comical, interactive exercises, we will uncover how you can influence expectations with awareness and communication.

  • Cultural Alignment

    Title: “Driving Positive, Sustainable Change”

    Description: Your success correlates directly to your ability to identify and seize opportunities for positive, sustainable change. But are you unconsciously limiting yourself to an existing toolbox of services or products – even though new ideas are blossoming in areas where you’re curious?
    Learn how to drive positive, sustainable impact by assessing current vs. anticipated growth at individual, team and organizational levels. We are all change agents in life, and our shared ideas are the seeds for sustainable individuals, teams and organizations. As cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead said: “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

  • Team Building and High-Performing Teams

    Title: “There is an ‘I’ in TEAM – Sparking Individual Contributors to Sustain High-Performance Work Teams”

    Description: Think back to the best team you have ever worked with. What made that team a high-performance work team?

    • What percentage of that success was based on external circumstances such as company processes, project priorities or organizational culture?
    • What percentage was based on internal circumstances such as the skills, attitudes and behaviors of the individual performers?
    • Were external or internal circumstances more important to the high-performance work team?

    There are many reasons why a team is high-performing. This presentation will help you understand your individual strengths and limitations that are responsible for enhancing – or pulling down – an entire team. Top-level details on multiple tools, models and theories will be presented including:

    • Values assessments
    • The four parts of ourselves necessary for full engagement (Jim Loehr, Tony Schwartz)
    • The vulnerable leader (Dr. Brené Brown)
    • What really motivates us (Daniel Pink)
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI assessment

    Through authentic experiences, interactive grounding exercises and links to current research, participants will identify how our individual passions contribute to high-performance work teams and cultures.

  • Individual Growth, Awareness and Motivation

    Title: “Bringing YOU Back to Business”

    Description: Discover the numbing ways we lose touch with our vision and mission while running our businesses. You’ll assess how our forecasting and feedback are creating – or hijacking – successful strategies in all parts of our lives. Using tools from motivation theory, Lean Six Sigma process improvement, strategic planning and operational excellence, as well as Dr. Brené Brown’s resiliency work, participants will leave with an emboldened sense of purpose and timely direction.

  • Leadership

    Title: “Dare to Lead™” (aka “Being a Vulnerable Leader”)

    Description: You would probably laugh if someone told you that you need to be perfect. Yet, many of us put on substantial masks to appear perfect as professionals.
    The most colorful part of the human experience is a rigorous focus on continual growth. The hard part about growth is not knowing what, where and how we have room to advance. True effectiveness requires shining a light on “not knowing” in areas stopping us from true connection – often because we’re afraid that others will recognize we’re not perfect.
    Learn how vulnerability sustains (or handicaps) resilient leadership. Using Dr. Brené Brown’s research and tools from the Dare to Lead™ program, we will dissect vulnerability in relation to trust and search our core for the triggers affecting our own leadership style.

  • Organizational Culture

    Title: “What a ‘Can’t Fail’ Culture Costs Your Bottom Line”

    Description: “We do things right, and we do things well.” Would you say this describes your organization?
    If you read the values, vision or guiding principles of most organizations, you’ll find some form of this description centered on the quality and integrity of the service or product being delivered. That’s why for most organizations, the word “fail” brings about an instant reaction of “something to avoid.”
    Innovation and integrity can be competing values. Though we may logically understand that trying anything for the first time will inherently provide the opportunity to succeed or fail, emotionally and culturally we are not OK with actually failing. The extent to which your organization promotes or chastises failure correlates directly with innovation, creativity, trust, collaboration, growth and resiliency.

    • Learning objective 1: Gain qualitative awareness of failure resiliency both personally and as perceived within your organization.
    • Learning objective 2: Understand the foundation formula for creating and sustaining a culture of innovation.
    • Learning objective 3: Increase organizational awareness with a checklist of scenarios and keywords that help define missed opportunities for innovation.
  • Strategic Planning

    Title: “Putting the FUN Back in Strategic Planning”

    Description: Does strategic planning give you nightmares? (Or have you never really sat down to actually do it?) All too often, we start strategic planning by looking forward. You will learn how to look back to make sure you’ve set the right foundation for a year of prosperity ahead. Plus, you’ll discover how to make strategic planning fun and leave with two solid exercises to turn your goals into realities.

  • Feedback

    Title: “Breaking the Ice of Nice”

    Description: Many leaders tell us their organizations are “pretty good” – but a little “too nice.” When we avoid having tough conversations because we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, are we effectively communicating? The answer is no!
    Dr. Brené Brown’s research around daring leaders shows that the number one barrier to braver leaders is the lack of courage to have tough conversations. What would happen if leaders replaced “being nice” with “being more courageous”? What impact could this have with teams, organizations and customers?
    Learn how to process the fears and feelings associated with saying what needs to be said, and understand the potential positive outcomes of sharing our unique perspectives.

About Laurie

Laurie Hall – a certified coach, certified facilitator, and seasoned speaker – founded New Horizon Strategies LLC in 2011 to inspire sustainable change in the professional world. She provides transformation to leaders through coaching, facilitation, consulting, and speaking. She is a frequent keynote and breakout session speaker on technical and motivational topics to inspire personal and professional growth.

Laurie brings a unique perspective to coaching and facilitation since she spent the first part of her career in project- and system-level engineering and management, facilitation, and organizational development to support human life in space and operational excellence on the ground. Her work effected change at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Lockheed Martin, Jacobs Sverdrup, and Schlumberger-Dowell.

Laurie is available for

Keynote presentations

In person and virtual

Keynote presentations

In person and virtual

Breakout sessions

In person and virtual (typically 60-90 minutes)

Breakout sessions

In person and virtual (typically 60-90 minutes)


In person and virtual (typically 20-30 minutes)


In person and virtual (typically 20-30 minutes)


Half-day, one-day, or two-day based on your needs


Half-day, one-day, or two-day based on your needs

Laurie’s presentation was nothing less than OUTSTANDING. I don’t remember a speaker I have enjoyed more, or one I connected with more. I cannot recommend Laurie more highly.

Thomas S.Senior Engineering Executive
MRI Technologies

Laurie is a consummate technical expert AND an outstanding inspirational speaker. She has a way of drawing people in with her knowledge and expertise and simultaneously sharing relevant life-changing experiences. Participants will leave inspired to apply what they learn from her.

Amy H.Founder
Hart Training Connection

Laurie is both an engaging and passionate speaker and has the gift of connecting with her audience. You will leave the room with not only a resonating and inspiring story, but a clear understanding of the subject.

Juan M.Director
Third Term Learning

Laurie had instant credibility and was extremely engaging. She was organized, sensitive and interacted well with our group. We look forward to having her back.

Wayne D., Ph.D.Leadership & Management Consultant

Laurie’s unique background, combined with her relentless passion for helping others reach their full potential, gives her the unrivaled ability to win over any personality type in the audience and inspire REAL change.

Elizabeth M.HR Leader
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