Enterprise Transformation

Executive Coaching, Facilitation, & Consulting for up to ten leaders plus one group leader.

What kind of transition are you facing?

Here are some examples…


Everything will be different now that we have a new CEO... What will our new CEO expect? How will they lead? How will we work together? What will change, and what will stay the same? What will be the impact on culture? On politics? On trust? Will we still want to work here?

Merger or acquisition

Our identity as an organization is changing. Who are we now? How will we fit in? The leadership framework we choose must support our new culture and avoid an “us” vs. “them” mentality. And we need to understand our values as individuals and as an organization.

Strategic planning

Our strategic plan is now irrelevant. We need to expand (or shrink) our customer base, our geographic footprint and our services. Right now, too many people are going in too many different directions. Everyone is desperate for a clear plan so we can work together toward the same goals.

We can help.

If you and other leaders in the enterprise are facing changes – and feeling stuck – work with us to get bigger breakthroughs faster.

Here’s what you can expect

We follow our Transition to Transformation™ model.

Our model helps you and other leaders:

  • Reflect: Look back before you look ahead.
  • Resonate: Use goals and data as a starting point for future setting.
  • Resolve: Plan, make changes and build on every success through repeated learning, awareness and practice.
  • Refocus: Review, get clear and celebrate your results.

This approach helps you and other leaders break down big goals into small steps so you can achieve and celebrate milestones. Your New Horizon Strategies executive coach will guide you and other leaders through every phase.

We choose the right tools.

Once we understand your enterprise, your group, and the transition(s) you are facing, together we choose the right tools every step of the way to help you make a transformation. Our team has a wealth of experience and has access to over 100 different tools to help your team reflect, resonate, resolve and refocus.

We apply the right methods.

Experience shows that moving leaders in the enterprise from transition to transformation demands a focused effort with just the right combination of executive coaching, facilitation and consulting:

  • Executive Coaching: To help individuals process their thoughts and commit to an outcome
  • Facilitation: To bring everyone’s ideas, constraints, beliefs and motivations to the surface
  • Consulting: To apply the precise tools you and other leaders must have to move forward

No matter what you and your leaders are facing, we can help you move through this transition so you experience a transformation in the enterprise.

Get started with New Horizon Strategies and receive:
  • Executive coaching sessions every three weeks with the group leader
  • A start and end organizational assessment, debriefs and consulting sessions to measure the impact on your enterprise
  • Group check-in sessions and consulting support
  • Executive coaching sessions with each leader before and after the workshops
  • Multiple facilitated full-day-equivalent workshops for leadership development and alignment
  • Leadership assessments

New Horizon Strategies did outstanding work facilitating diverse groups of people to get them
actively engaged. Our facilitators were enthusiastic listeners who tailored their delivery to meet our participants’ attributes and culture. New Horizon Strategies’ coaches make a difference in people, teams and companies because they infuse their experiences and approaches with ours. This enables growth and challenges us to think harder and dig deeper.

Beth F.Program Management Director, SAIC

What Transition Are You Facing?

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