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Leadership is an ever-evolving skill based on what our teams and organizations need.  Over 75% of workers report leaving organizations because of issues with leaders or managers.  Leaders can act as a facilitator more easily than they think by learning some simple tools to create fun, collaboration, and alignment.

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

Cohesion & productivity

What did we just accomplish in that meeting? Why can’t we seem to ever get on the same page with each other? And, how can we stop wasting time?

Autonomy & collaboration

My team seems to default to expecting me, the leader, to tell them what to do versus participating with me in co-creating a solution. I’m exhausted and I don’t have all the answers. I feel like I’m on shaky ground.

Struggling with efficiency

I just don’t seem to have time to do everything I need to get done. We don’t get through everyone’s thoughts in a timely manner, so a decision feels rushed at the end of our meetings.

Lacking internal facilitators

Our organization offers retreat and team-building support, but we don’t have enough trained facilitators on our team. Lots of people can give presentations, but how can we help them connect with their participants to let the ideas of everyone create a better solution?

Training vs. facilitation

I facilitate a lot already…I think. Or maybe what I’m doing is still really training. I do notice I’m talking about 70% of the time and using the other 30% for experiential activities. Isn’t that enough?

What exactly is facilitation, anyway?

Facilitation is the process of guiding and supporting a group of individuals to effectively achieve a common goal or objective. It involves creating an environment that encourages open communication, collaboration, and participation among the participants. The facilitator is responsible for managing the process and ensuring that all participants have an equal opportunity to contribute.

The facilitator fosters a productive, generally fun, and inclusive atmosphere by employing various techniques and tools. This may include setting ground rules, managing discussions, summarizing key points, encouraging brainstorming, mediating conflicts, and helping the group make decisions.

Facilitation improves business meetings, workshops, training sessions, team-building activities, community forums, and problem-solving sessions.
Overall, facilitation is a skillful process that helps groups work together more effectively, maximize their collective potential, and achieve their goals in a collaborative and efficient manner.

What facilitation is:

What facilitation is not:

What facilitation is:

What facilitation is not:

Who is this program for?


Business Owners & CEOs

Directors & Team Leads

Aspiring Facilitators

Why is facilitation so valuable?

  • Showing your ability to manage a group
  • Clear communication for team success
  • Time management for progress on goals and initiatives
  • Connections and respect in your team
  • Confidence that you can handle those challenging questions

What does this program include?

6 months of content and activities designed to improve your skills and expose you to what real facilitation looks like and feels like.  At the end of this series, your facilitation skills will be evident with your team and your organization, helping you feel significantly more confident in how you add value.
You will gain:
  • A clear understanding of when to apply facilitation to maximize alignment and creativity.
  • A plethora of facilitation tips and tricks to use depending on the situation.
  • An overall improvement in your skills and confidence in effectively facilitating impact with all your teams and events.

Series Components:


LIVE Facilitation Kick-off

Face-to-face session (in Houston, date TBD) to experience world-class facilitation and co-create alignment for this experience.
Half day

Mastermind Facilitation Groups

To dig into challenges and share new perspectives in a virtual setting.
Once a month for 2-3 hours via zoom

Partner Power

Participants will be assigned a partner for the 6 month period to meet with monthly to deepen the learning with specific topics and instructions each month.
Once a month

Micro Learning Self-Paced Snippets

Additional content to review at your own pace based on the learnings in the course and best practices.
Twice a month

LIVE Capstone Experience with Graduation

Face-to-face session (in Houston) for participants to create the facilitated experience for each other (and guests), celebrate your achievements, as well as receive graduation certificates!
One day, date TBD

Meet your program guides:

Experts on facilitation, leadership development, & coaching

Laurie Hall

Founder, New Horizon Strategies LLC
Professional Certified Coach, Keynote Speaker, & Executive Facilitator

Laurie Hall – a certified coach, certified facilitator, and seasoned speaker – founded New Horizon Strategies LLC in 2011 to inspire sustainable change in the professional world. She provides transformation to leaders through coaching, facilitation, consulting, and speaking. She is a frequent keynote and breakout session speaker on technical and motivational topics to inspire personal and professional growth.

Laurie brings a unique perspective to coaching and facilitation since she spent the first part of her career in project- and system-level engineering and management, facilitation, and organizational development to support human life in space and operational excellence on the ground. Her work effected change at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Lockheed Martin, Jacobs Sverdrup, and Schlumberger-Dowell.

Click the icons below to download Laurie's PDF bio or view her LinkedIn profile.

Laurie did outstanding work facilitating diverse groups of people at NASA. She is perceptive, enthusiastic and a great listener. She continues to make differences in people, teams, and companies because of her abilities to infuse her experience and approaches which enable growth, challenge people to think harder and dig deep, and drive towards integrated foundations upon which to build.

Beth FisherBusiness Development, Aerospace
Rich McLaughlin

Senior Facilitator, Leadership Development Consultant

Rich McLaughlin – a certified facilitator and a seasoned speaker has been designing and facilitating leadership and interpersonal skills workshops, team-building sessions, and innovation and employee engagement processes for over 30 years.

Having spent time working inside companies such as Arthur Andersen, Square D Company, Baxter Healthcare and Girl Scouts USA, Rich brings broad industry knowledge to his work. He also brings an experiential approach in his work with client teams. His client’s value the engaging way he works with their people whether facilitating a leadership workshop, working with a specific team, or challenging employees to be more accountable for the whole.

Rich spent time learning about instructional design and change management at Accenture, helped Square D Company develop and implement their TQM programs and processes and developed the leadership curriculum and internal consulting practice at Baxter Healthcare during his time as an internal OD practitioner. The last 8 years of his practice he has been following the intersection of Improv, Innovation and Design Thinking.

Click the icons below to download Rich's PDF bio or view his LinkedIn profile.

Rich’s true gift is in his facilitation skills. He knows how to engage and challenge an audience. He has been the best consultant I have worked with when it comes to hearing a client’s needs and then designing experiential approaches that help people build skills practically so what was learned can easily be applied in the workplace. I would highly recommend Rich to any organization going through change.

Lisa GilbertGeneral Manager, Kingbridge Conference Center
Dr. Ellen Zimmerman

Professional Certified Coach, Executive & Leadership Development

Ellen Zimmerman is an energetic presenter, trainer, coach and curriculum developer who creates high-impact learning activities. She believes people are powerful when they focus on their strengths and set goals, and that is why she works to enhance leaders at all levels.

Besides coaching for development, Ellen specializes in delivering training and development curricula with real-world discussions and activities. She knows it takes courage and confidence to address the challenges of today’s workforce, and the only way to maintain those skills is to embrace new learnings every day.

A frequent keynoter and trainer for organizations and nonprofits, Ellen applies programs such as Dare to Lead™, Fierce Conversations, DiSC, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and her own team-focused content. She knows that developing courageous leadership, and the confidence to lead teams through collaboration and clear communications, are crucial for success.

Ellen has enjoyed careers in business, education and healthcare, where she trained and coached existing and new leaders. She currently teaches College of Business graduate and undergraduate courses at Lamar University in Texas, where she is working on a coaching program for students.

Click the icons below to download Ellen's PDF bio or view her LinkedIn profile.

Ellen’s style of facilitation kept us focused on strategic planning and her questions gave us the opportunity to see things differently.

AnonymousNonprofit Health Care Organization CEO

I thought this was just going to be a refresher of what I already knew but Ellen created an engaging experience with relevant conversations that brought new learning.

AnonymousHealthcare Director

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