Team Transformation

Executive Coaching, Facilitation, & Consulting for up to six team members plus one team leader.

What kind of transition are you facing?

Here are some examples…

Going from good to great

Our team is high-performing – but we want to do even better. We are growth-oriented, nimble and agile. We work well together. But what happens if a disruption throws us into reverse? How can we be resilient to remain a high-performing team?

Overcoming friction

People on our team don’t get along. We come from different geographies, offices, cultures and generations. Our values collide. So we resist. Compete. Build fiefdoms. We share no mutual respect. And it costs us dearly – in productivity, quality, innovation and satisfaction. How can we heal?

Dealing with many unknowns

Change has paralyzed our team. We do not feel like a team anymore, so we are not performing as well. We’re struggling to reach consensus about what’s happening and need a road map for what’s ahead. Some people might be ready to quit! How do we fix our team?

We can help.

If you and your team are facing changes – and feeling stuck – work with us to get bigger breakthroughs faster.

Here’s what you can expect

We follow our Transition to Transformation™ model.

Our model helps you and your team:

  • Reflect: Look back before you look ahead.
  • Resonate: Use goals and data as a starting point for future setting.
  • Resolve: Plan, make changes and build on every success through repeated learning, awareness and practice.
  • Refocus: Review, get clear and celebrate your results.

This approach helps you and your team break down big goals into small steps so you can achieve and celebrate milestones. Your New Horizon Strategies executive coach will guide you and your team through every phase.

We choose the right tools.

Once we understand your team and the transition you are facing, together we choose the right tools every step of the way to help you make a transformation. Our team has a wealth of experience and has access to over 100 different tools to help your team reflect, resonate, resolve and refocus.

We apply the right methods.

Experience shows that moving you and your team from transition to transformation demands a focused effort with just the right combination of executive coaching, facilitation and consulting:

  • Executive Coaching: To help individuals process their thoughts and commit to an outcome
  • Facilitation: To bring everyone’s ideas, constraints, beliefs and motivations to the surface as a team
  • Consulting: To apply the precise tools you and your team must have to move forward

No matter what you and your team are facing, we can help you move through this transition so you experience a transformation in the workplace.

Get started with New Horizon Strategies and receive:
  • 15 executive coaching sessions with the team leader
  • 5 executive coaching sessions with each team member
  • 5 facilitated half-day team retreats or workshops
  • 2 team assessments, debriefs and consulting sessions

Our workplace culture appeared to be mending itself after several challenging years – but teamwork and collaboration were missing. New Horizon Strategies helped us change everything. Trust is now our anchor. We manage our energy more effectively. And we’re ‘all in’ to engage and contribute.

Leta S.HR Manager, Cockrell Interests

What Transition Are You Facing?

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