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We were delighted to share this topic to over 110 coaches, leaders, business owners, and difference makers at the International Coach Federation (ICF) Southeast Regional Webinar. We covered key insights on “Understanding and Practicing Critical Conversations” that differ for each one of us.

Didn’t get a chance to join us on the webinar? You can still watch the video and follow along with the handout at your leisure. Ingrain the learning by downloading the handout linked below to use while listening to the webinar.

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Program Description:

Many leaders tell us their organizations are pretty good, but a little too nice. When we avoid having tough conversations because we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, are we effectively communicating? The answer is no! Dr. Brené Brown’s research around Daring Leaders shows the number one barrier to braver leaders is the lack of courage to have tough conversations. 

What would happen if leaders replaced being nice with being more courageous? What impact could this have with teams, with organizations, and with customers? 

This webinar will help process the fears and feelings associated with saying what needs to be said and understanding the potential positive outcomes of that sharing our unique perspectives.

Join us for “Breaking the Ice of Nice™” with Laurie Hall, MSc, PCC of New Horizon Strategies, LLC.  As a “Dare to Lead™” certified facilitator, Laurie bases this webinar on Dr. Brené Brown’s recent best-selling book of the same title. This webinar is designed to help coaches explore how to hone communication effectiveness by determining their unique Call to Courage. You’ll gain a better understanding of the fears and needs linked to giving and receiving feedback – and a specific tool to use going forward. Are you ready to Break the Ice of Nice?

Topics Covered:

  • Call to Courage
  • Daring Leadership™
  • Vulnerability
  • Resilient Organizations
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Communication and Feedback
  • Dare to Lead™

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand why Courageous Conversations matter to you.
  • Determine when you’re acting already courageously and what might be getting in the way when you’re not.
  • Learn a new tool to simplify and create confidence around the process for giving courageous feedback.

About New Horizon Strategies Founder and CEO, Laurie Hall

Laurie Hall is a certified facilitator, certified coach, seasoned speaker, and founder of New Horizon Strategies, LLC (NHS). She provides executive, career and business coaching for individuals and groups to help people achieve their vision, goals and desires. She has coached clients from Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and around the world: Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, The Netherlands, Brazil, Honduras and Great Britain. In addition, Laurie facilitates programs and events to help companies, government agencies and professional associations achieve the highest possible levels of effectiveness. Topics for facilitated programs and events include Operational Excellence, Culture of Innovation, Change Management, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Process Improvement, Project Management, Leadership Development, Team Building, and Dare to Lead™. A frequent keynote and breakout session speaker on technical and motivational topics to inspire personal and professional growth, Laurie has presented at dozens of conferences and professional meetings from small groups to over 350 people. She holds a B.S. in BioProcess Engineering, an M.S. in Technical Management, 128 hours of Executive Coach Training, and has over 1,000 hours of coaching experience.