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Discover enlightenment on the numbing ways we lose touch with our vision and mission while running our businesses.  Laurie asks us to experientially engage in assessing how our forecasting and feedback are creating or hijacking successful strategies in all parts of our lives. Using tools from Motivation Theory, Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement, Strategic Planning and Operational Excellence, as well as Dr. Brené Brown’s Resiliency work, you will gain an emboldened sense of purpose and timely direction.

Click here to watch the video “Bringing YOU Back to Business”

Click here for the NHS_Bring YOU Back to Business handout

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BONUS!!! Take a values assessment for you to try.  As Dr. Brene Brown says in her New York Times Best Seller “Daring Greatly”, we need to let our values light the way.  Contact us today to schedule a coaching session to go through any of this in more detail.