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Move From Transition To Transformation

We help leaders get bigger breakthroughs faster through executive coaching, facilitation, and consulting.

What kind of transition are you facing?

  • I want the confidence to pursue a big new idea.
  • I’ve been working long and hard for months, and it’s taking a toll.
  • I want to be a better and more effective communicator.
  • I want to discover my natural leadership style.
  • Our team is high-performing, but we want to do even better.
  • We’re experiencing friction among some team members.
  • Dealing with unforeseen change has paralyzed our team.
  • Our new team needs a solid understanding of who we are so we can thrive right from the start.
  • Everything will be different now that we have a new CEO.
  • Our identity as an organization will change with this new merger/acquisition.
  • Our previous strategic plan is now irrelevant.
  • We need a common leadership set of skills in our organization.

New Horizon Strategies has a keen ability to recognize quickly where individuals are excelling and where they could use growth. They give the ability to consider things from a different perspective, review and reset the path we're on, and move forward with increased clarity and confidence.

Christine D.Owner & Manager
Dobbyn Digital Media

My coach asked the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions, and has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways and find meaningful solutions. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received.

Ilda A.SVP Human Resources
Varel International Energy Services

Our workplace culture appeared to be mending itself after several challenging years – but teamwork and collaboration were missing. New Horizon Strategies helped us change everything … [now] we're ‘all in’ to engage and contribute.

Leta S.HR Manager
Cockrell Interests

New Horizon Strategies makes a difference in people, teams and companies because they infuse their experiences and approaches with ours. This enables growth and challenges us to think harder and dig deeper.

Beth F.Program Management Director

New Horizon Strategies offered concrete tools and opportunities to learn that enhanced my skills in a relatively short period of time. They are easy to work with, insightful and focused on understanding their client’s motivation and objectives. I wish I could have worked with them for a longer time!

Thomas V.Customer Services Manager

Our Approach

With over 100 tools and a century of combined knowledge in our team, we use our unique and highly customized Transition to Transformation™ model as a framework to establish which tool(s) you, your team, and your enterprise need. We meet you right where you are to get you exactly where you want to go.


Something doesn’t feel quite right, or you know a change is on the horizon. But what should you do first? Look back before you look ahead. Our lives often seem to be a series of random events, but when we look in the rearview mirror, we get the connections.


It’s time to get very clear on the issues or problems at a micro level before tackling any potential solutions. In most cases, the real issues or problems may not be clear at first. What do you really want? What’s going on right now? What needs to happen in the future?


This is the phase where real changes are made. Implementation plans are developed based on willingness to adapt. We build on every success and learn where to focus as situations inevitably change along the way.


Now you have gone from transition to transformation. You have changed in many new ways. Now is the time to review overall progress, get clear on accomplishments, and celebrate victories. You may be ready to build on this growth and tackle another transition on your new horizon.

Clients We’ve Served

NASAExxonMobilThe University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer CenterU.S. Air ForceAmegy BankUniversity of TexasBASF GroupRice UniversityKBRAveva Group plcHarris County TexasSpaceX

What Transition Are You Facing?

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